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Day with Danni Bigger Profits Tour

Danni travels the country to show you how to find the items that result in bigger profits. Spend a day with Danni and learn to grow your niche or create a new one.

Find out where Danni will be and grab your spot. Space is limited to 15 people per location.



The show that solves the eBay puzzle!

Join Danni Tuesdays at 5 pm pacific time to see:

  • what’s selling
  • what’s not
  • and how to get bigger prices for the items you’re selling.




Need a Speaker for your event? Danni is the solution!

With over 15 years experience as an online seller Danni brings her years of experience along with years on stage to engage your audience in a fun and interactive style that will leave them inspired, empowered and educated.




Explore the Danni App Academy for even Bigger Profits!
Danni provides coaching and mentoring for those who wish to grow their business.

  • Webinars
  • Coaching calls
  • Private access communities for Danni App Academy alumni
  • and more!




Click the Treasure Chest to View a FREE WEBINAR on how you can do something very few eBay sellers are doing that can net you some big profits!!












About the Danni App

For over 15 years Danni Ackerman, Founder of the Danni App has been using eBay as a way to not just sell stuff, but build a business. Danni has grown up in the world of antiques and collectibles and spent summers working in the back room of her Aunt’s thrift store in Carpinteria, CA. (this is where the puzzle came together)

What started as a passion grew into THIS! We have workshops, events, a TV show, and even a spectacular member only place to get more access to Danni.

Want Danni to look over your business? Schedule your FREE 15 minute review and start having more fun and making bigger profits now!


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