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Not Everyone Searches by Lowest Price

It is all too easy to see things from our own view instead of thinking outside of what feels normal for us.  I myself am a frugal, penny pinching shopper!  Trust me, you don’t want me as your customer, I’m cheap!  Not that I won’t spend money if the item is something that has value, […]

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How Do You Price a Pair of Gucci Shoes?

One of my coaching clients found these awesome Gucci fur shoes in a local thrift store.   Gucci is one of those designer brands that has some skyrocketed pricing and so she asked for some pricing advice.  Here’s a quick video to demonstrate my research and pricing technique – you can use this on anything […]

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Stop Giving Your Stuff Away!

I have to say it… sometimes even yell it from the roof tops, “stop giving your stuff away!”  I see it over and over and over again, eBay sellers who do not value their time.   Even if you acquire your inventory for free you still have an investment.  It takes time to list, photo, and […]

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Exclusive Webinar – November 27, 2013

In this webinar from 11/27/2013: Here is Danni’s webinar from 11/27/2013. In this webinar:  Why Won’t This Sell? Pricing for Auction Calculating Shipping on Heavies Fast and Free Returns and Refunds What if Santa is Dirty? How to Sell These Glasses Men’s or Mens? Tune Upp Homework

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Exclusive Webinar – July 3, 2013

In this webinar from 7/3/2013: Here is Danni’s webinar from 7/3/2013. In this webinar:  Part 1: In part 1 we cover if an eBay store makes sense or not. Having more than 1 store? Good idea? Displaying keywords in your Store header. Listing templates Part 2: How long to leave something listed before tweaking or changing […]

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Exclusive Webinar – February 27, 2013

In This Webinar: Part 1: We discuss accounting including why you need to keep track of income and expenses and spreadsheets for tracking inventory Watch Danni create listings, how to use the sell similar and streamline your listing process International shipping costs Glass – EAPG is it Early American Pressed Glass or Pattern Glass?  American […]

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Perfectionism Syndrome?

This week in our Behind the Scenes webinar we talked a lot about pricing strategies. This is an area that gets a lot of eBay sellers hung up spending too much time on a single item and even preventing them from getting it listed at all.

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